Get custom-made light steel, fabricated to suit your requirements for all of your projects.

A turnkey solution with our construction team to complete your projects for you.

About us

We offer clients specialised lightweight steel services and products. We do in-house designs and roll forming of light steel frames, trusses, wall panels, flooring systems and roofing solutions for a variety of building types, such as

  • commercial buildings,
  • industrial warehouses,
  • housing,
  • offices,
  • schools and clinics.


We use lightweight galvanized steel, a roll former, a polymer glue and Expanded Polystyrene Technology (EPS) System that consists of the following components:

1. An engineered lightweight steel super-structure frame including a roofing system is designed, and rolled out of galvanized steel on a roll former at our factory.
2. The frame with wall components, roof trusses and grounds for windows and doors gets assembled on site, erected and attached to a concrete slab with raw bolts.
3. Fire retarded EPS (expanded polystyrene) panels that are 150mm thick are applied to the steel frame as insulation for the walls. Our EPS panels are cut into a unique patented interlocking design for a smooth wall finish.
4. Our Blue Chip Armour Wall alkaline resistant washer system is used to attached the EPS to the steel frame.
5. Our specially formulated Blue Chip Armour Wall polymer plaster mix gets applied in two layers over an alkaline resistant fiber mesh. Once the mix hardens, it can be painted with a final colour coat.



Light Steel